Study Tips for Success in High School

study tips for high school
High school can be a social time in life – a time for peer to peer interactions, sports events, social nights and club activities. According to this site, it is also a necessary time to hunker down and aim to get those good grades, as they are dependant on your entrance to post-secondary if that’s the path you are choosing.

With all the distractions that come with this social side of high school, it is important to adopt some clear and focused study skills and habits to ensure the schoolwork is being tended to.

Here are ten tips that will help you get more from your studying, and hopefully allow you to do better in those classes of high school:

1. Set a Priority Study Time

This means blocking off an hour, two or more per day (whatever you need to give your classes the time they need) where you can 100% focus on your studies. This type of studying can also require a quiet and uninterrupted space to study where you can concentrate. If you stick with this time daily, it will become a routine and easier to adopt.

2. Compartmentalise Your Studies

By breaking up your subjects into study sections, and avoiding the overwhelming amount of information that can result from cramming, you will retain more information. Be sure not to overwhelm yourself by taking in too much information at once, or overloading your brain.

3. Always Take Notes During Your Lectures

Always take notes or use a recording device during your lectures, and be sure to read or listen to the notes/recordings after the class as well, so to regurgitate the information that you learned.

4. Use your High School Teacher as an Ally

Your teacher is there to teach and assist, and it is usually in their best interest to help you succeed. With this in mind, ensure you ask your teacher questions about the course content that you don’t understand.

Ask for help in tutorials. Communicate with your teacher. Use him/her to help you progress in your studies.

5. Sit at the Front of the Room

By sitting at the front of the room, you will engage better, hear better, and understand the content better. Plus, you look eager and engaged – all excellent characteristics of a keen learner.

6. Always Do Your Homework

Doing your homework helps you to be prepared for the next class. Homework isn’t just designed to make your life inconvenient. Believe it or not, by completing homework, you will better understand the course content and be able to participate in the lecture actively.

7. Choose the Right Subjects

There will always be mandatory classes that are dull, but are a prerequisite for whatever degree you’re aiming for. However, there is some freedom around which courses you can take in school.

With this in mind, try meeting with a career or guidance counsellor before signing up for courses. He or she can help you to align your interests with the classes that are available to you. By taking classes that spark an interest in you, you will be more likely to succeed in these classes.

8. Form a Study Group

By aligning with a group of other like-minded students, studying can be more fun and more engaging. You will also get the benefits of other minds and opinions on study materials, which may help you see different angles of the study material.

9. Get Organized

This means keeping track of important dates, papers due, exams, and subject matter. Prioritize what is important and what can be left until later.

10. Practice Self-Care

While hard work always pays off when it comes to schoolwork, be sure to also practice some self-care. Take a break when you need it, eat nutrient-rich foods that feed your brain, and always get a good night’s sleep before a big exam.

If you follow these tips and practices, you’ll be sure to become a high mark student and get the most out of your high school experience. You’ll also be ahead of the game when it comes time to participate in the challenging culture of college and university.