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The Way Out of Dry Skin

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Oh in case you’re out of touch or just too busy to notice, summer is already upon us. Which means problems with dry skin is becoming more prevalent. If this is your problem too, we’ll be glad to help you improve your skin’s chances of surviving the heat.

1. Since we began entertaining the season itself, why not take your time off the sun? If by any chance, skinny dipping is unavoidable, then by all means wear sunscreen! If you’re not allergic to it, lactic acid lotions can be helpful. It helps much with exfoliation of very dry skin and increased retention of epidermal moisture (you know, geek speak for maintaining that supple skin).

2. Do not overdress. As much as we hate to admit it, itchy uncomfortable clothing that make you look good is a definite no-no. If you can avoid Jacuzzi tubs or even saunas, at all cost do so. If your regular bathing period is from one hour till forever, we also suggest that you have to officially take shorter baths from now on. Over-cleaning will only strip natural oils off your body, and do away with hot water too. Air from heating is just as troublesome as winter air.

3. Yes, according to cwcmedspa.com, skin radiates the overall condition of your body from the inside so be mindful of stuff you ingest. Foods rich in zinc or fatty acids is best for skin wishing to retain more water. Fish oil supplements taken from the cold waters (best example: tuna or salmon) is now also a common fad best for skin moisturizing. Caffeine improves skin condition while vitamins A and B helps reduce dryness. So yes again, pay attention to what you eat.

4. Be wary of your own skin care products. If you use deodorizing soaps and it soon becomes dry and even flaky, stop using it. Your skin may not feel compatible to it. As such, you won’t even need deodorant soaps applied to your whole body because only certain parts have odor glands. Stop using other types of harsh soaps too. If you’re using moisturizers, use thick ones. Always apply it to slightly wet skin and use the right type for your skin.

But then, even the best precautionary measures may still falter every now and then. Here are some common causes of dry skin:

  • Existing medical condition: malnutrition or psoriasis
  • Medication side effects
  • Poor diet lacking essential fatty acids
  • Prolonged hot water exposure
  • Hypothyroid
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Age
  • Prolonged and frequent exposure to dry air environments
  • Exposure to harsh chemicals (most notably in skin care vanity products)

5. See a skin care expert. If all else fails seek the help of a dermatologist. A physician can help you know what’s happening under that uncomfortably itchy and dry skin. They can help you diagnose if the itch is only skin deep or if there are other underlying medical conditions that need more serious attention (e.g. diabetes and hypothyroid). In short, the treatment relies on the cause. But be wiser than most people if itching and discomfort persists despite self-medication. Visit your specialist for the correct assistance.