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What is a Human Resource Management System?

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We are living in a world where technology is everything. From the moment we step outside our house, we find ourselves surrounded by technology in the form of vehicles, shopping, banking, communicating or entertainment. Its influence cannot be escaped. Similar to us, the work organizations throughout the world are also relying on technology for their daily needs.

Human resource management system (HRMS) or Human resource information system (HRIS) can be understood as a method to manage the human resources in organizations. It is a way to manage the ever-growing large workforce more efficiently and clearly. It is essentially the employee management software which perfectly merges the human resource management and all is basic HR activities as a field and the elements of the information technology. 
The basic function of human resource department is to administrate the tracking of employee data, which basically includes skills, histories, accomplishments and salary. To reduce the enormous workload of these tasks, computers were used. They have simplified the task of analyzing huge amounts of data by allowing us to store the desired information in it. Human resource executives can now rely on IT professionals to develop and maintain the HRMS.

A good HRMS system should provide the following:

- Efficient management of employee records. 
-Reporting and analysis of the employee information.
-Company related documents such as handbooks, guidelines.

There are several modules that a Human resource management system can tracks such as payroll, time and attendance, performance appraisal, recruiting management, performance record, employee self service, scheduling, analytics and high potential employees.

The HRIS can be used for the following purposes:

  • -Human resource planning and analysis.
  • -Equal employment.
  • -Staffing.
  • -Development.
-Compensation and benefits.
  • -Health and Security
-Employee and Labor Relations.

The HRMS can contribute a lot of the company because its first purpose is to reduce the human effort which is required to compile the data on employees. It improves the efficiency with which the data is organized. With the help of the system, many activities can be performed easily and resourcefully without generating much paperwork. The task of record keeping is reduced exponentially since the entire data is kept on-line. It can also be retrieved conveniently when required easily.

The second purpose is that it makes the task of decision making and planning much more efficient and clearer. Having access to the data on-line, the HR planning is now based more on the information provided and less on depending on the managerial perception and intuition. The specialists can easily compile data from the servers rather manually doing the analysis for each department.

Choosing an HRIS is quite crucial as it is important to first understand the basic needs and strategies of the HR department of the company. Many companies need different functions and accordingly, a suitable HRMS must be chosen and designed to fit perfectly to the needs of the sector. At the same time, several factors like financial flexibility, ease of use, privacy and safety of the data should be considered when it comes to choosing the perfect Human resource management system.