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Finding the Best Third-Party Logistics Provider

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Searching for third party logistics (most commonly abbreviated to 3PL) company is quite a burden of a task. Your bottom line should always be to forge a win-win relationship. How? Take a look at our tips below.

1. A provider with true interests. You wouldn’t want someone who’d leave you hanging anytime soon. Right on the get go, look for a partner that will walk beside you through and through. You will know if a 3PL is truly invested into helping you if they can show you in details, how they can aid your expansion needs (in case you need to). Open lines of communication is the best way to begin any search.

2. Experience is gold. More so when a third party provider has some years into its feathers. This means that they know what they’re doing to last that long. But be true to the point. Look for a partner with experience relevant to your company’s operational experience. Scrutinize their actual involvements in the industry you belong to. Make it a perfect fit and ask about their personal and professional development programs. As noted on fmicanada.com, if each member of their team looks enthusiastic and engaged enough in their normal day to day operations, they’re for keeps.

3. Cheap is not always good and say yes to customization. What is it that they say about you get what you pay for? Don’t be such a cheapskate when searching for a 3PL. Outsourced solutions can be beneficial in the long run but always ask first about ways by which a provider in question plans to increase and improve your continuous cost and efficient operations. For customization, if you’re a bit picky, choose a smaller provider as it will be easier to relate to them on a personal level. Keeping it that way will create better results since friendship is somehow already established. To challenge a contender for your logistics provision, ask them for actual samples in which they have offered a customized solution to a previous organization they serviced. You’d know by then who wins the case.

4. An able partner with multifaceted capabilities. This is applicable to businesses whose needs span more than just one industry. In choosing a 3PL partner, opt for one which can serve the most number of product markets you also serve. Ensure that they have the previous experience, future capacity and certification compliance with areas you deem important for your operations. Safety is of top concern in cargo security. If they have it, they’ll flaunt it, so it’s up to you to know the truth about it. Successful partnerships have foundations on trust and truth.

5. Is there a connection? Lastly, no matter how adept and promising a third-party logistics provider may seem, if you don’t find that inner connection upon first happenstance then don’t waste your time with such a partnership. Chemistry is key and being to sort out things right at the onset is a good way to go. If there’s no spark right there, don’t expect it to work in the long run.

The many choices is overwhelming, follow those steps and the search may soon be over.